authentically made in Italy


Our company is entirely made in Italy. It was born in Piedmont, at the confluence of the valleys where the true history of skiing began: the Upper Chisone Valley and the Susa Valley.

Our story developed out of the collaboration of a group of ski instructors, coaches, and national instructors with long experience on the piste. Only people who live on the snow 365 days a year, in fact, can 'sew' an outfit at the highest level on to their shoulders.

As a small artisan company, we have managed over the years to win the trust of professionals in the sector and our growth has always kept customised production at the centre of our output.

Our guiding principle, from when we started to the present day, has always been our passion for the world of skiing. Dedication, commitment and putting yourself to the test: the characteristics of this sport are also part of our philosophy and our way of working. And above all, we share them with our customers, who are at the heart of our every activity.

Start from people to reach excellence



In our everyday actions we always try to do what is most proper, not what is easiest.


We want to surprise you. We have enthusiasm, speed of execution and all the instruments we need to do so.


Care in what we do and care for people. We see the world that surrounds us as a place to share.


We listen to others and are keen to learn. We believe in the strength of building something together.

Let’s start to work together!

Are you a Ski Club or a Ski School?

Proud to have been chosen by the best Ski Schools and Clubs in Italy and Europe.

Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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