design and functionality


To always have unique garments, our research is non-stop. HEY outfits are designed and manufactured with particular care, both style- and quality-wise. The contribution of the great snow experts makes it possible to create garments for racing and leisure characterised by sophisticated design and innovative technical solutions.

for warm and fluid movements


The fit is designed to cater for the act of skiing, to allow a fluid movement. The high-performance fabrics meet waterproofing and comfort needs, in all situations and weather conditions.

Elegance is also important. Italian styling is expressed through the painstaking selection of graphics and colours, for an authentic, emotional result. Because skiers have to show a lively, professional image, but above all they have to stand out, always.


The pursuit of and attention to detail is our way of translating what is our greatest passion into reality.

And if you live on the snow all year round, you know what that means!

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Proud to have been chosen by the best Ski Schools and Clubs in Italy and Europe.

Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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