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HEY was born in the Olympic mountains, at the confluence of the Piedmont valleys where the real history of skiing began: the Upper Chisone Valley and the Susa Valley. In 2006, these mountains hosted the Winter Olympics, framing the achievements of world-class athletes and forging fashions and trends. The glory and enthusiasm of those days have remained in our hearts and in those of the people whose homes are in these mountains, and who live them in every season.

to be the best


That's why in giving our best we hope to transmit to you, through our outfits, the same lively, dynamic spirit of those days: a spirit of competition and healthy rivalry, but also of celebration and coming together. A spirit of champions.

This is what we want to offer you.

Champions’ outfits for champions’ experiences.
Personalized for Ski Schools and Ski Clubs.

A brand born in the Olympic mountains. A company that is founded on the essential contribution of the great snow experts to design the best outfits for competitive racing. Authentic Italian style, innovative solutions, unique design.

Let’s start to work together!

Are you a Ski Club or a Ski School?

Proud to have been chosen by the best Ski Schools and Clubs in Italy and Europe.

Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Via delle Moie, 2
10060 Frossasco (TO)

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