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  • Skiing is a truly great individual sport only if it is done in a group
  • In company, it becomes an adventure. It becomes experience and stories to tell
  • Skiing in company creates memories. These memories create bonds between people
  • We want skiers that wear HEY to live experiences to remember
  • That’s why we are proud to have been chosen by the best Ski Clubs in Europe

winning takes style


The materials used in this case are more innovative in terms of functionality and strength.

The special construction of the fabrics ensures maximum resistance to abrasion and wear. They have high impermeability and breathability, very important for children. 

In addition, special lines and fits are required, for example for the racing suit worn under the outerwear, protections, etc.

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Are you a Ski Club or a Ski School?

Proud to have been chosen by the best Ski Schools and Clubs in Italy and Europe.

Historical realities, authoritative schools, national instructors who have trained the best skiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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