The skiers of the Sansicario Ski Club, loyal users of HEY outfits in their unmistakable green jackets, are picking up a remarkable series of successes in this winter season.

The month of February was also distinguished by incredible performances: every weekend a different podium. 

  • At the beginning of the month, the Green Lions achieved excellent results in the races of the Lauretana Circuit organised by the Olympic Ski Clubs Committee, confirming their ability a few days later, with their presence in the top five of Bardonecchia's Super G Allievi.
  • At home, when the slopes of Sansicario hosted the AlpeCimbra Trophy Regional Selection, the skiers of the Ski Club gave their best, displaying exemplary performances even in unfavourable weather conditions.  
  • In great form, they finally performed outstandingly well with several podiums and excellent positions in the races held on the occasion of the Ski Cross Children’s Regional Championships on 27 February at Limone Piemonte.

We are well aware of how important the role of technical clothing is in the success of a race, but that's not the only reason why we feel proud of these successes. Behind every victory there is a lot of determination and willingness to exceed one's limits, and above all a great passion. A passion that is also ours!

Come on Green Lions, keep up the good work!